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Our Products

The products of Oreichalkos Roukis (Orichalkourgio) are divided into 4 major categories with a huge variety of codes.
These categories are:
A) Idols and memorial plaques
B) Armor and other Equipment (ancient helmets, thoraxes, shields, leggings - wristbands, etc.)
C) Magnets
D) Statues
All our products are made entirely of metal alloy called "Oreichalkos".

But what is Oreichalkos? Let's say a few words:

Oreichalkos is a mixture of two metals: copper and zinc. Zinc is the metal that determines the properties of this mixture and its usual zinc ranges that oreichalkos contains are from 30% to 45%.

One of the properties that zinc affects is its color. When the zinc content is low, oreichalkos has a brownish-red color approaching the copper-colored tile. For a content of about 30%, oreichalkos has the color of gold, but, for even higher content, its color becomes reddish brown again.

Depending on the intended use, small amounts of other metals such as tin, manganese, lead, etc. are added to the oreichalkos mixture. Each of these mixtures acquires a desired property such as e.g. lead oreichalkos mixtures have better flow when smelting.

Oreichalkos has been used in metallurgy since 3500 BC, mainly for the manufacture of weapons such as swords, shields, spears, helmets, thoraxes, leggings, wristbands, etc. In addition, it was used to make tools and decorative objects such as statuettes. After 1700 AD oreichalkos mixtures have been used in the manufacture of castings. In his texts, Plato states that oreichalkos was considered the second most valuable metal after gold. Hesiod mentions in his texts that Hercules wore bracelets made of oreichalkos.